Redlands filmmaker's short to be shown at Palm Springs Film Festival

Kristina Hernandez, Staff Writer

REDLANDS - Trevor Stevens will walk the red carpet Wednesday at the Palm Springs International Film Festival's ShortFest where his film, "Glazed and Confused," will be screened.

Stevens, a Redlands native, shot the 5-minute, 30-second film in the area as part of a class requirement at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

After its completion, Stevens felt the film was more than just a "student project."

So he began shopping the film out to festivals around the world, including the one held annually in Palm Springs.

Stevens said he realized that filmmaking was his calling after a stint as a competitive ballroom dancer and a short acting career.

"I saw that there was a side behind the camera that I hadn't known about, and I just fell in love with," said film student. "That is where I wanted to be. It was the ideal job for me."

He was just 10 years old when he made his first film with friends in the backyard of his Redlands home and later took it upon himself to learn more about the craft.

As a student at Redlands High School, Stevens enrolled in Kevin Bibo's film class.

The two bonded quickly.

"He became a strong mentor to me. He was the one that put a camera in my hand and put fire in my heart," the now 21-year-old said.

Before graduating from Redlands High in 2010, Stevens was president of the school's Digital Dogz club and began working as an intern with Redlands

After high school, Stevens began attending Dodge College - the only place he applied for, he said.

His junior year was when he began filming "Glazed and Confused," a film about a first-time robber who tackles a doughnut shop and encounters more than "dough" from a late-night employee.

To make the film a reality, Stevens enlisted the help of several fellow filmmakers and friends. Tne film was shot at Muffin Top Bakery in downtown Redlands after the business had shut for the night.

"I made contacts with Tony Shabke at Muffin Top Bakery in Redlands and asked if I could film there," Stevens said. "He was the best - so kind and welcoming. I am very grateful to have had his support.

"This is a local Redlands business and I'm a local from Redlands, so it was all about giving back."

Stevens' film will be screened at 8 p.m. at Camelot Theaters, 2300 E Baristo Road, Palm Springs.

Stevens, who says "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is his favorite movie and directors Danny Boyle and David Fincher as inspirations, hopes to one day be the one a young filmmakers look up to.

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